How to Find the Best Senior Care - In a Crisis

December 18, 2017

How to Find the Best Senior Care - In a Crisis

A previous post talked about how private home care helped my mom while losing her battle with cancer. When anyone is dealing with a terminal diagnosis of someone they love, there isn’t a whole lot of time to think, plan, and execute. Things are moving way too quickly.

There is no time to look into multiple services, what options you have, companies to consider. You are dealing with the shock of the situation. It is ‘we need home care and we need hospice immediately’.  

That’s why I created the infographic- "56 Best Senior Caregiving Websites".  It provides a wealth of resources on the best tools for choosing senior care. It breaks the tools into different categories and provides short descriptions of each tool, allowing you to find what you are interested in and look at the tools you need.

By having a resource list like this, you have the most important tools needed when investigating the different types of services and products that are associated with senior care. It allows you to be proactive about the future, rather than being reactive to a situation.

Some people like the written version of the 50+ Best Senior Care Tools Online better, but I find the infographic to be simple and straight to the point and I am sure you will find a wealth of information to use!

Three other very helpful resources for caregivers are:
  • The CareGiver Partnership blog. Thousands of articles on various aspects of home caregiving. Updated several times a week with fresh new relevant content. 
  • The worlds largest caregiver resource library with links to over 1500 fully vetted resources for caregivers on a range of issues. They are easy to search and find what may be helpful to you. 

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