7 Tips for Adult Incontinence

July 21, 2018

7 Tips for Adult Incontinence

You may be surprised to learn nearly 25 million Americans have some form of incontinence. While you may assume this is only an issue the elderly, ill, and bedridden have to deal with, many people are astounded to learn the majority of people with incontinence are active, healthy and still on the go. However, this can be a life changing issue if you are diagnosed with incontinence. Many people are unsure as to what type of incontinence supplies they will need or even where to buy incontinence products. They may be unsure as how to manage their incontinence. The good news is there is more information available than ever before. 

The CareGiver Partnership wants to provide information for both caregivers and those with incontinence. They not only offer incontinence products but helpful information which can guide you in effectively managing your incontinence or for someone in your care. Here are 7 tips for Adult Incontinence.

1. Seek medical treatment. Many people assume incontinence is a normal part of aging and there is nothing their healthcare professional can do for them. This is not true. Many forms of incontinence can be treated which can either reduce or even eliminate symptoms. And today most doctors understand incontinence usually has an underlying medical reason. It is important to seek treatment in order to understand your incontinence and how to manage it. 

2. Use a voiding diary. Once you begin writing down your symptoms and what is working for you, it can provide a clearer picture as to how to manage your incontinence. This can also help you doctor provide more effective treatment and allow you to see what is the needed absorbency in the incontinence products you choose to use.

3. Get real help from real people. Since 2004, The Caregiver Partnership has been helping women just like you. Unlike the big box stores which usually only offer 3 brands of incontinence products, The CareGiver Partnership shops the world over to find the best incontinence products - those used by consumers and professionals alike. They offer over 700 choices-ten times more brands, styles, sizes and absorbencies than even the big box stores. And, they have knowledgeable Product Specialists you can speak with when you call 1-800-985-1353. 

4. Choose the right incontinence products for your needs. It can be overwhelming to try and determine exactly what incontinence supplies you or the loved one in your care may need. There are more choices than ever before and they’re changing all the time. This creates even more confusion. There’s pull-on underwear for men, for women, for either; there’s boxers for men, adjustable underwear, briefs (adult diapers), pads for women, liners, guards for men, shields for men, underpads, chair pads, bed pads, undergarments, booster pads, swim pants, washable products, shaped pads, and soon bladder control inserts. The Caregiver Partnership understands this confusion and have created an easy to use style guide which explains all the style options which can help you determine what incontinence products are right for you or you. They also offer an incontinence product finder in order to help you quickly sort through your choices and find the right incontinence supplies for your specific needs. 

5. Consider all aspects of incontinence management. Managing your incontinence or that of someone in your care is more than just choosing the right adult diaper or incontinence pads. There are other aspects to consider. Do you need underpads to protect bed or furniture? Do you need specialty washcloths, skin care products made for sensitive skin or gloves and disposal bags? All of these items can also help to contribute to dignity and normalcy and make managing incontinence a lot easier. 

6. Realize incontinence changes over time. For some people incontinence may only be temporary such as when men are recovering from prostate surgery. Other people may find they need additional absorbency as time goes on or added absorbency at night. Taking the time to reevaluate incontinence management as time goes on can make sure you or the loved in your care is using the best incontinence supplies to meet their needs.

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