3 Rules and 4 Products for Managing Incontinence this Summer

July 15, 2018

3 Rules and 4 Products for Managing Incontinence this Summer

Lightweight summer fashions and outdoor events can lead to stress for those with incontinence. Here are some tips for enjoying the summer with confidence.

For men and women managing incontinence, summertime can seem stressful. Between lightweight, skin-baring clothing and an abundance of outdoor activities and events, many worry about little bladder leaks and reaching a bathroom in time. By following these three simple rules and choosing the right incontinence products, summertime living can be fun and easy. 

Rule No. 1: Stay hydrated without overworking the bladder. Drinking the right amount depends on an individual’s health condition and severity of incontinence, so it should be discussed with a doctor.

Rule No. 2: Avoid known irritants, especially before outdoor events where bathroom access may be limited. Irritants can include alcohol, caffeine, sugar and artificial sweeteners, corn syrup, spicy foods, and acidic foods such as tomatoes and citrus.

Rule No. 3: In addition to following a few simple dietary rules, choose incontinence products designed to help you stay active and wear summer fashions with confidence. Here are some ideas:

  • Men, women, and teens with bladder or bowel incontinence still can swim and participate in poolside or beach activities. Swim Briefs are washable, reusable, absorbent underwear that can be worn next to the skin, under swimwear. SoSecure briefs are designed for bowel incontinence but also hold several cups of liquid.
  • Today more than ever, men and women have many options in premium-quality disposable undergarments. For men, there are boxers from Prevail, Depend and other manufacturers that look and feel like regular cotton boxers. Women can choose from quality options such as Depend Silhouette, Always Discreet and more.
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