Abena Incontinence Products

More Options. Unbeatable Protection. Fewer Changes Needed. Abena® helps you stay comfortable, dry and odor free. For over 30 years, Abena® has provided a wide variety of customizable, absorbent products for those with light to heavy bladder and bowel incontinence. By choosing these absorbent, disposable products, you can live a life of confidence, enjoy greater freedom and find dignity in all situations. 

Abena out-performs the competition by providing superior features and wearer benefits. Abena® pads, underwear and briefs are designed with more absorbent materials that provide guaranteed, fast-acting performance and extended wear. Abena products have an exclusive Air-Plus layer that is unique only to Abena® that enables full breathability within the entire product that produces a  cooler, more comfortable experience.  

Abena’s products are guaranteed to promote skin wellness, are safe, healthy and ensure that nothing harmful comes in contact with your skin. All products are dermatologically-tested and completely free of allergens, and they feature more eco-certifications than that of any other brand.

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  1. Abena Abri-Form 4 Original Style Briefs (Poly Backed)
    28-43 inch waists 42/case, 14/bag $59.95
    39-60 inch waists 36/case, 12/bag $59.95
    Buy a Case to SAVE up to $9.05 (15%) plus FREE SHIPPING
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