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Abena Pants Premium 2 Adult Incontinence Pullup Diaper

Abena Pants Premium 2, Incontinence Product for Women and Men
Protective Underwear for Women and Men

Abena Pants Premium 2 Sizing Guide

24-35 inch waists96/case, 16/bag$156.99
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You will have extra peace of mind knowing that the Abena Factory in Denmark utilizes revolutionary equipment to create superior products such as Abena Abri-Flex 2 Pull-on Underwear. This product has been tested against other comparable adult pull-ons and has come out on top. You can ease your worries about bladder incontinence thanks to Abena.

This adult disposable underwear is made of tightly-woven fibers that are not only flexible for extra comfort, but they also make for a perfect fit that rests securely against your body. Leak guards will ensure that you won’t be caught unexpectedly by an accidental leakage, while the bulk of the underwear is constructed from absorbent materials that can hold a maximum of three bladder losses. These pull-ons are finished off with soft, cloth-like, breathable material which feels comfortable against your skin, and an elastic waist that makes changing hassle-free. They are made with latex-free materials, so they will work well for those who are sensitive or allergic. With Abena Abri-Flex 2 Pull-ons, you won’t need to worry about having to make excessive stops throughout your day for frequent diaper changes. Instead, you can use the extra time and savings for what you enjoy.




  • Can accommodate 32-56 inch waist sizes
  • Available in size medium and large
  • Appropriate for urinary or light bowel incontinence

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Extraordinarily high number of elastic threads, for a superior fit.

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