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Abena Delta-Form 2 Adult Diaper Brief for Incontinence

Abena Delta-Form 2, Incontinence Product for Women and Men
Tabbed Brief for Women and Men

Abena Delta-Form 2 Sizing Guide

28-40 inch waists80/case, 20/bag$111.99
39-59 inch waists80/case, 20/bag$118.99
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Abena Delta-Form 2 Briefs offer the great quality and reliability of the Abena brand at a lower cost than many of their other product options. These briefs still offer security against leaking for up to three full bladder losses, which is far more than the average store brand. This amazing absorbency is what makes Abena so well known. These extremely absorbent briefs include tabs on either side that can be refastened and adjusted, as well as trustworthy standing leak guards.


For battling incontinence on a budget, the Delta-Form 3 Briefs are the best adult diapers on the market. You do not have to give up European quality to find an affordable incontinence product. They are color coded by size with green denoting large and blue indicating medium. Instead of a thinner material like cloth, the material is not breathable in order to reduce odor and maximize wetness control. They are suitable for urinary and light bowel incontinence.


With all packaging and size options, there are four ways to purchase the briefs:


  • Large, for a 39 to 59 inch waist, in a bag of 20
  • Large, for a 39 to 59 inch waist, in a case of 80
  • Medium, for a 28 to 40 inch waist, in a case of 80
  • Medium, for a 28 to 40 inch waist, in a bag of 20

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