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Hello! Our story is probably not much different than yours. When we were caring for my father, we discovered that our time was eaten up by trips to the store for adult incontinence products like Depend that he needed and then extra trips back when we bought the wrong size or absorbency. We didn’t know which style, size or absorbency to buy. There was no one at those stores who seemed very knowledgeable, even the pharmacist. That's where it all began.


At The CareGiver Partnership, you get more than simple delivery of home health care supplies to your doorstep with fast and free shipping.


You'll also discover:

Knowledgeable Product Specialists who can provide answers to your questions about disposable incontinence products like Prevail, Abena, Poise, TENA, Seni and more. We offer over 400 incontinence items and are knowledgeable about them all. Try our Incontinence Product Finder to help you find products that best match your needs.


1950's Style Customer Service

When it comes to service, doesn't it make you furious when you call a company and you're forced to make choices, push buttons and then wait on hold? We agree with you and that's why you'll be happy to know that when you call us you'll receive a 1950's customer service experience - the type that has long been forgotten.

For example, your call will be answered by one of our knowledgeable Product Specialists. Even if you prefer to shop online she is always just a ring or two away.


Product Specialist Team of All Former Caregivers

Each one of us has been a caregiver to a loved one or friend. While we don't know your personal situation, our customers frequently use words such as frustrating, frantic, frazzled, guilty, exhausted and fatigued. We try to provide you with some honest-to-goodness help. Each us has in-depth knowledge about the products we offer. Our service is a real hit with the thousands of customers we've served coast-to-coast.


We recognize that you are on the Internet reading this, but if you need our help, we're here - 1-800-985-1353, Monday - Friday 9am - 4pm CST.



Lynn Wilson


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