Always Incontinence Products

The Always brand offers pads, pull-on underwear and liners for your security when it comes to staying dry and comfortable. The products are a must-have for providing protection against leaks and wetness and Caregiver Partnership has a full line of Always products. Absorbent pads are offered in light to maximum overnight protection that provide coverage for a gush of liquid up to heavy urinary and bowel incontinence.  

LeakGuards in the Always Liners protect you from embarrassment and offer a strong adhesive backing as with Always pads that adhere securely to your own underwear. The pads and liners conform to your body’s shape and will fit snugly to provide ultimate protection from leaks. The liners and pads are offered in regular length to longer lengths in order to provide more comfort and security, no matter your size. For your convenience, a re-usable package can be used for discarding the pad or liner with discretion.

Always Discreet Incontinence Underwear provides moderate to maximum overnight protection for bladder and bowel incontinence. DualLock gel technology will keep wetness from leaking onto your clothes, bedding or furniture, and the 40 percent thinner pad is surprisingly absorbent and comfortable. Always pull-up underwear is also available in a new “lower rise” style so they can be worn comfortably with your favorite jeans or yoga pants.

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