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February 28, 2018

Value Options—Caregiver Partnership

Caregiver Partnership provides affordable incontinence products for our valued customers. On top of that, we are here to help you in every possible way, beginning with our Knowledgeable Product Specialists who provide 1950s-syle customer service and care. They have hands-on product experience and have a background as caregivers. If you would like to know about our value options or any of our products and which one may work best for you or your loved one, this would be a good place to start, or you can take a look around our website which offers a wealth of information in itself.


If you are looking for value options for adult briefs, our Attends Value Tier Poly Briefs are an excellent choice. Prevail Per Fit Adult Briefs, and Prevail PM Briefs are an excellent choice and are customer favorites. Tranquility ATN All-Thru-The-Night Disposable Brief (Poly Backed) adult diapers are also a great choice. An added bonus to purchasing your incontinence products online with us is to buy them by the case. This provides excellent value along with a reduced price for every purchase.


If you prefer pull-on underwear for bladder loss, all of our Prevail incontinence products are offered at a great low price, every day. Prevail pull-on underwear are made in unisex and are also designed to be gender specific for men and women. Men can enjoy pull-on underwear that look like regular underwear with a soft, absorbent waist band and women can enjoy feminine colors. The same, highly absorbent properties are used for both, along with a soft, quiet exterior that can be worn with any type clothing.


Attends Extra Absorbency Underwear, Attends Super Plus Underwear, Seni Active Underwear for Men, and Seni Active Underwear for Women are all good value options for pull-on underwear for men and women. If you are in need of affordable specialty sized pull-on underwear, Prevail Super Plus/Maximum Underwear, Tranquility Premium Overnight Absorbent Underwear, and Attends Extra Absorbency Underwear are all good values and each will fit up to an 80” waist.


Incontinence pads are something we all need from time-to-time, whether on a permanent basis or temporary one. They benefit us for many reasons from bladder loss, light leaks, uh-oh moments, during pregnancy, after surgery, to managing a severe cold, and are great to have around during menopause. A few value options for pads and male guards are any of our Prevail pads and liners for incontinence, TENA Intimates Ultimate Pads (Economy Size) - 16 Inch Pad, TENA Intimates Ultra-Thin Light Long Pads - 10 Inch Pad, and

Tena Serenity Ultra-Thin Regular - 9 Inch Pad. Abena Abri-Man Formula 2 Guards, Depend Guards for Men - 12 Inch Pad, and Seni Man Active Guards - 11.2 Inch Pad.


Don’t forget about personal care incontinence products. We have them for much less online than you will spend at the local market. Latex and Nitrile gloves; Aloe Vesta, Tena, and Baza ointments, shampoo and body cleaners; bed and furniture pads for incontinence; and reusable products for incontinence are all available at Caregiver Partnership as outstanding value options you can always depend on. 

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