The 5 Best Adult Diapers for Caregivers...and more.

December 24, 2017

The 5 Best Adult Diapers for Caregivers...and more.

Pam had become the caregiver for her father when he could no longer live alone and take care of himself. While she loved being able to be with him and offer him the care he needed, she had quickly become frustrated because of his incontinence. Her father was leaking through every type of incontinence product she had tried. She felt frustrated when no matter what kind of incontinence supplies she bought nothing seemed to work!  

She had gone to the big box stores to find a full protection garment known as briefs or adult diapers. First she tried the store brand to save money then moved on to the most well known brand Depend, but still nothing worked. Shopping was even a more frustrating experience as she looked around for help, the pharmacist was too busy to get out from behind the counter and she was sure the 20 year old male stock clerk wasn’t an expert.

She wondered where she could possible find the answer to this problem. One day she was searching on the internet for ‘best adult diaper’ and came across The Caregiver Partnership where she discovered she could actually call and speak with someone. Here is what she learned about the best ‘adult diapers’. None of these, by the way are available in the stores. 

  • Wellness Briefs-There is no need to settle for the one size fits all, “baby diaper” to manage incontinence. These incontinence briefs are made with space age technology which makes them more absorbent, more comfortable and even easier to wear and change. Developed by NASA they are more absorbent which protects delicate skin and means less changes.One of the outstanding features of theWellness Brief is it can hold up to 87oz of liquid. This means one Wellness Brief absorbs as much as almost four of a competitor’s briefs, and in turn, drastically cuts the number of briefs used per day.

  • Abena Abri-Flex-Many users report this is the finest pull-up available anywhere. The individuals who use this brand of incontinence product state the high thread count and elasticized crotch offers a better fit which lessens the chance of leaking. The Abena line of incontinence products is extensive and offers a variety of different styles of adult diapers which are either pull up or have re closeable tabs. They also offer a variety of different incontinence pads that can be used with incontinence underwear. Many people prefer the Abena brand of incontinence products due to their focus on green manufacturing. They are made with very little waste and use only materials from sustainable forests. 

  • Tranquility ATN (All Through The Night) Briefs-This type of adult diaper is made with a higher absorbency which means skin is protected and there is less need for changes during the night. Caregivers and those in their care can rest easier knowing they are being protected with this high quality incontinence product. The ATN brief also features a higher rise for added protection. The patented Kufguards® (inner leg cuffs) provide leakage/bowel containment. In addition, each brief has dual wetness indicators which turn yellow to blue for identifying the presence of moisture. 
  • Seni BriefsThis brand of incontinence products is manufactured in Europe and is now being introduced into the U.S. market by The CareGiver Partnership. Seni Briefs are considered super premium. One of the major advantages of this line of incontinence products is that its outer cover has thousands of tiny ports which allow air to circulate and keep the skin dry and healthy.  Depend does not offer this benefit.  Moreover, Seni is available in twice as many absorbencies as Depend protection with tabs. This means caregivers don’t have to settle and can find the right absorbency to meet the needs of the loved one in their care. In addition, the Seni briefs are offered in 4 to 6 sizes versus only 2 for Depend. The right size means a better fit and the better a product fits, the better it will work. Plus using a ‘just right’ size can save money. 
  • Surecare-This line of incontinence products offers two styles of disposable underwear. These are the Heavy and Extra Heavy Absorbency. Users of these incontinence supplies often remark on the softness of the material and the comfort it provides next to their skin. This adult diaper is designed for moderate to heavy incontinence. SureCare made by Covidien, features flexible leg gathers, colored elastic strands identify back of the underwear. The briefs also have a cloth-like moisture barrier which covers the super-absorbent gel core. Best of all, the price was reduced to make it even more cost-effective solution to the customer. 

Other helpful caregiver products

  • Underpads-There are a number of other incontinence supplies available for caregivers which can help to make managing a loved one’s incontinence easier and more effective. Many lines of incontinence products offer underpads to help protect furniture and bedding. They can also be very useful when changing a person’s adult diaper. 
  • Butterfly-This incontinence product is new to the market. This product was customized for the millions of people dealing with Accidental Bowel Leakage also known as ABL. Butterfly's absorbent core and odor shield provide 2 times the absorbency of any other anal leakage pad. This is a light absorbency product. Users can use this butterfly shaped pad confidently and discreetly. It is available in both Men and Women's styles. Adhesive strips help to keep the pad in place.
  • Prevail Washcloth-These disposable washcloths are more sanitary than reusable ones. They can be used to clean up safely and easily and then are simply disposed of. They are designed to be gentle on the skin and durable enough to clean tougher jobs. The one handed dispenser makes it convenient for caregivers who must be involved in changing adult diapers. Wearing exam gloves can make the clean up task more hygienic. 
  • Disposal bags-Disposal bags allow for a less mess, odorless way to dispose of used adult diapers. They are easy to pack and take on the go meaning changing can be done discreetly and easily.
Consumers wasting $130 in trial and error mode
Today, there are more choices of incontinence products than ever before. However, with all the choices comes confusion about which incontinence products will work best. In a recent study, Kimberly-Clark, makers of Depend and Poise brands, discovered those buying incontinence products for the first time, waste $130 on average in trial and error mode. That’s about 10 bags of products which can’t be returned, once opened. This means consumers are often stuck with an incontinence product which doesn’t provide them with the highest levels of protection against leakage and accidents.  

Make choosing incontinence supplies easier

That’s why The CareGiver Partnership has taken several steps to help make choosing incontinence supplies easier.   Call our Care Team today, we are here to help you
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