Blood Pooling In The Legs May Cause Varicose Veins

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January 17, 2018

Blood pooling in the legs may result in varicose veins.  While varicose veins are unsightly, they may also be the harbinger of worse things to come when not taken care of properly.  There are treatments available for varicose veins, but they do not prevent future occurrences of varicose veins and may result in scarring.

Varicose veins form when the veins usually of the legs and the valves in the veins can no longer keep up with the demand to pump blood back to the heart.  This can be from overuse of the veins and their fight against gravity of from the overproduction of blood.  Overuse generally occurs in jobs that require lots of standing, like wait staff in a restaurant or nurses.  Overproduction of blood normally comes during pregnancy.  About three times as many women as men are affected by varicose veins. Other factors that contribute to the formation of varicose veins include obesity and genetics.
While those who are cursed by their place in the gene pool may develop varicose veins strictly through the sheer force of nature, everyone can take steps to prevent getting varicose veins.  For those whose jobs require standing for long periods of times, it is important to take appropriate breaks.  Those breaks should be spent off of the feet with the legs elevated to help relieve the pressure that gravity may be exerting on the veins and their valves.
Pregnant women should not eschew exercise, but should also be aware of how long that they are spending on their feet.  Taking appropriate breaks with the feet up should be seen as part of the compensation package for being pregnant.  Because pregnancy is often a joyous occasion, it is important to make sure to take precautions so it can be so a majority of the time.
People who are overweight can reduce their chances of getting varicose veins, along with a whole host of other diseases related to obesity including heart disease, stroke and diabetes, by losing weight.  While that is easier said than done, it is important that the person start on the journey to being healthier and less prone to disease.  By consulting with a physician about exercise and a nutritionist about food, it is possible that the person can become leaner.  It will generally take small steps, persistence and a permanent change in both eating and exercise habits, but the payoff will be worth it in the end. 
People who have varicose veins can expect to have to deal with them over the long term.  Treatment of the symptoms may include getting off of one’s feet and elevating them and wearing compression hosiery.  By getting off of the feet, someone who has varicose veins will be using gravity to help move the blood that has pooled out of the legs and back to the heart.  This can help reduce swelling and pain.
Compression hosiery helps lower the amount of blood pooling in the legs.  By applying more pressure at the ankles and less at the top of the sock, the compression sock encourages and supports the veins in their work to defy gravity and get the blood to the heart.  This allows the blood to circulate better and to keep the legs from getting blood clots which can be dangerous to both life and limb.  The best part is that compression socks are now stylish not just in look but also in use.  They do come in several styles and the fabrics mimic the look of normal socks.  Compression socks are also utilized by some athletes to improve performance on the field. 

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