Adult Diaper Review- Top 6 Brands

Adult Diaper Review- Top 6 Brands

There are over 18 million American adults with urinary incontinence. There are hundreds of products available to help manage incontinence from adult diapers, pull on underwear, pads, guards, briefs, and so much more. It can be confusing and difficult to know which are the best products for you. The prices vary, the absorbency varies, the fit and sizing vary. 

At CareGiver Partnership, we realize how confusing and overwhelming this can be and we want to offer solutions. We offer help of live individuals who have all been caregivers and are very familiar with the product lines and can help you select the best product for your needs.

But our best offer is education. We know how hard it can be to figure out where to start, and so today we offer you the top 6 brands in adult diapers, and why they are rated so highly: 

1. Prevail – Prevail is the most used brand of incontinence product in North America. Their products include pads and pull-on underwear, briefs and underpads. They have the widest selection of styles, sizes and absorbencies. They believe that their products should be designed for everyone as loss of bladder control can impact any one at any life stage or age. 


2. Tranquility – Tranquility is one of the most absorbent brands you can buy. They offer an ATN (All Through The Night style) line that offers superior absorbency and protection. They offer absorbent technology that protects and helps the users and their caregivers by focusing on CUP (Capacity Under Pressure) when determining absorbency so that it reflects actual wearing of the product!

3. TENA – TENA is the #1 adult diaper company world wide, and provides a full range of absorbent products. They try to make products specifically for the unique gender needs of men and women, including pantiliners, daytime and overnight pads, male guards, protective underwear, briefs, skin care products, and underpads. They offer products to help improve the quality of life for those who have unexpected leaks, and do their best to minimize the impact incontinence makes on living, working, and socializing. 

4. Attends –Attends offers pull-on underwear and briefs. They are good value choice for the individual who needs protection, but does not want to pay for bells and whistles. They offer a full array of products to help you chose and pay for only the level of protection you need. 

5. Depend – Chances are you are familiar with this brand. It is offered in a variety of stores, is easy to find, and also has a wide variety of absorbent product options. Depend offers briefs, pull-on underwear, shields and guards for men, adjustable underwear, and underpads. They are reliable, offer varying degrees of absorbency, and are on a mission to make the use of absorbent products not such a big deal. 


6. Poise PadsPoise specializes in pads. In fact, they are the #1 selling line of pads with 6 absorbency levels from micro-liners to overnight pads. They focus on fit and comfort while offering great protection. Their pads are designed for specific body types and lifestyles to offer comprehensive protection at an affordable price. 


December 28, 2017
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