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SoSecure Swim Brief SoSecure Swim Brief SoSecure Swim Brief SoSecure Swim Brief
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"I have a teenage special needs daughter.  This is the best diaper I have found for swimming. It fits snug and I like how you put it on."

Finally… A Swim Diaper for Older Children, Teens and Adults


Introducing the new Swim Diaper for adults, teens and children with incontinence. 

This product was reviewed by the National Foundation for Continence (NAC) and selected for their Resource Guide. The garment is designed to be worn next-to-skin, under a swim suit.

It is specifically designed for bowel containment, but can also be used for urinary incontinence (holds several cups of liquid).

The better a garment fits, the better it protects.  Select a size that fits as snug as possible using the adjustable closures.

 Also works great as a cover up for disposable or cloth diapers 

 Comfortable fit: High tech stretch polyurethane fabric with soft fleece lining 

  • Worn under swim suit: Designed for bowel containment with strong velcro closures 
  • Versatility: Also great as a diaper cover for cloth or disposable diapers
  • Security in the pool: Elastic waist & legs for added security
  • Washable: Machine wash in warm water and hang to dry.
  • SoSecure swim brief is designed for adults and teens dealing with bowel incontinence (it will also contain some urine leakage).
  • Unisex
  • Swimming containment diaper is designed to be worn under a regular swimsuit.
  • Unique, adjustable front closure that allows for a snug, secure fit.
  • Waterproof polyurethane outer layer bonded to a soft comfortable fleece.
  • Stretchy and comfortable
  • Designed to be worn next-to-skin
  • Machine washable - Hang dry
  • Intended for primarily for swimming, it can also be used as a diaper cover for day or night use.
  • Available in Navy only.
  • Latex- free

Fits Waist or Hip – Note Sizing carefully /   Due to federal regulations, this product is not returnable. Please allow 14-21 days for delivery

Size XS S M L XL


Rise: Adult

22" - 24"

27 1/2"


25" - 28"

28 1/4"


29" - 32"



33" - 36"



37" - 40"



Plus Sizes 2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL


Rise: Adult


41" - 44"

32 1/2"


45" - 48"



49" - 52"

35 1/2"


53" - 58"

36 1/2"


The garment is Unisex. Please order by waist or hip, whichever is larger.  For example, if a person has a 34" waist and a  38" hip, they should order the XL which has a range of 37"-40", even if the waist is much smaller than 37".  If your measurements are at the higher end of a size range, don't assume you should go to a larger size. These garments are very adjustable and stretchy, and should fit very snug.