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Poise Pads

Relax. Did you know 1 in 3 women experience light bladder leakage? Poise offers a complete range of pads for little dribbles to "sudden wetness." You might be surprised to learn that it takes 3 period pads to equal the absorbency of 1 Poise pad.

Bladder Control Basics

Poise Liners

Poise Liners  7.5 inches
Poise Liners Long  8.5 inches

The thinnest, smallest Poise pad available.

Poise Ultra Thin Pads

Poise Ultra Thin  9.3 inches
Poise Ultra Thin w/ Wings  9.4 inches
Poise Ultra Thin Long  10.9 inches 144/case or 312/case

Protection from occasional wetness. Ultra thin and discreet.

Poise Maximum Pads

Poise Maximum  12.4 inches
Poise Maximum Long  14 inches
Poise Hourglass Maximum  12.4 inches

More length and protection than Poise moderate.

The CareGiver Partnership carries a complete line of incontinence products and other home healthcare supplies to suit your needs as a patient or a caregiver. One of the most popular brands that we offer is the Poise® line of bladder control pads.

Women with light bladder control (LBL) have been relying on Poise bladder control pads since 1992. Poise is the number one selling brand in the U.S. for bladder control pads. Poise keeps a women 3 times drier than pads like Kotex, Always or Stayfree. It would take 3 ‘period pads’ to equal the absorbency of one Poise pad.

Poise provides the widest range of bladder control products to meet the needs of all women who are experiencing light bladder leakage - over 30 choices.

They range from thin, small liners to much larger and thicker ‘ultimate’ pads. Liners are for very light bladder control pads and are the smallest and thinnest at 7.5 inches. At the other end are Poise Ultimate absorbency pads which are the most absorbent. These are 15.6” long and much thicker and wider. Many women can use these instead of pull-on underwear. The CareGiver Partnership offers the entire range.

Why Buy Poise From The CareGiver Partnership?

Poise may offer you the confidence you want to get back into life, but why should you buy Poise bladder control products from The CareGiver Partnership?

The main reasons are the convenience of free doorstep delivery ($50+), customer service excellence with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and dependability of delivery so you Never Run OutSM.

We carry the entire line of Poise incontinence bladder control pads.

Further, each of our Product Specialists are women. Why? Because the majority of our customers are women and they told us they’d prefer to speak to a woman if they call. Moreover, each has been or is a current caregiver herself. Most importantly, they are all highly knowledgeable about the entire Poise product line.

It's challenging to get good advice. The stores only carry a very limited selection of Poise and the people there aren’t very knowledgeable. The pharmacists are too busy behind the counter counting and dispensing pills. And they don’t offer samples or free doorstep delivery.

So, the reason most of our customers shop with us for Poise is because we provide them with customer service excellence, a complete selection of styles, sizes and absorbencies, are always in stock, can send samples out upon request ($3.49 S&H), offer expert advice and free rush delivery ($50+) to their home within 3 to 5 days, many times just 1 or 2 days.

To learn more about Poise pads call us at 1-800-985-1353 M-F 9-4 CST or contact us by e-mail:

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