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Touches of Comfort for Mom, Peace of Mind for You

Now you can have freshly prepared, nutritious meals delivered right to the home of a loved one

Over six million seniors are malnourished* affecting their health, happiness and quality of life. They may not be able to shop for groceries or prepare them in their home or apartment. You as their caregiver worry about them eating properly. Pizza delivery isn’t the answer and neither is a steady diet of nutrition drinks. Mom's Meals is a family owned and operated business dedicated to providing great tasting, nutritionally balanced, FRESH meals to meet the needs of the aging population.

Each meal is just $6.49 plus delivery.

  • Convenient home delivery charge is a flat fee of $14.95 for your choice of 7, 10, 14 or 21 meals.
  • Less than pizza delivery and much healthier - plus you save on the high cost of gas.
  • Mix or match – choose only what you like. Breakfast, Lunches and Dinners available.
  • 8 different menus to choose from; General Wellness, Heart-Friendly, Diabetic-Friendly, Renal-Friendly, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, Cancer-Support, Pureed.
  • The cost for a 21 meal plan including convenient home delivery is only $7.20 per meal!
  • Pureed meals now available at a cost of $7.49 per meal plus delivery.

Freshly Prepared

  • With fresh fruits and vegetables - plus salads and yogurt
  • No frozen food, dried meats, shelf-stable meals or vacuum-sealed meals
  • Meals will stay fresh in your refrigerator for two full weeks

Choice - Have It Your Way

  • Over 45 unique meal choices; variety encourages interest in eating
  • Choose only what you want to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Specialty choices:
    • Lower sodium (600mg/meal or less)
    • Lower fat (30% of total calories/meal or less)
    • Lower saturated fat (10% of total calories/meal or less)
    • Carb-controlled (60g carbs/meal or less)
    • Gluten free (made in a shared kitchen)
    • Vegetarian (no animal proteins, but does include dairy, eggs, beans, plant proteins, nuts)
  • Order one shipment or take advantage of our automatically scheduled delivery service
  • Every meal is USDA nutritionally labeled with a use-by date, and simple microwave heating instructions
  • Mom's Meals' kitchen is USDA inspected and approved.

Healthy Meals

  • Ideal for those with health challenges including diabetes, sodium restrictions, those with limited mobility or caregivers seeking freshly prepared meals for a friend or loved one
  • Low fat, low cholesterol, reduced sodium and carb controlled options
  • No high fructose corn syrup, no partially hyrdogenated oils, no added trans fat
  • 350-380 calories per meal - some up to 550 calories
  • Created by medical professionals in conjuction with professional chefs

Convenient Home Delivery

  • Conveniently delivered to your doorstep by FedEx or UPS
  • Drivers will bring your meals into your kitchen if desired
  • Always delivered fresh, not frozen
  • Microwave ready to eat in just 3 minutes or less (optional oven preparation)
  • Available throughout the contiguous U.S. from big city apartments to rural farmhouses
  • Meals will remain fresh in your refrigerator for two full weeks


  • Ranch skillet of eggs, cheese, potatoes, sweet potatoes and black beans
  • Hearty oatmeal with craisins and almonds
  • Whole grain waffle & cheddar cheese omelet
  • Bagel sandwhich - bacon, egg and cheese
  • Mini pancakes, colby omelet, turkey sausage


  • Tuna casserole
  • Honey lime chicken, black beans, corn, brown rice, salsa verde
  • Chili with beef, beans and crackers
  • Turkey pot pie


  • Orange honey chicken breast, barley pilaf & roasted Sicilian vegetables
  • Meat lasagna with chuckwagon corn
  • Pork loin, cinnamon apples, caramelized onions and barley pilaf with vegetables
  • Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, carrots
  • Turkey breast, sweet potatoes, green beans


How do you package the food to maintain the shelf life of your products?
We utilize a cutting edge USDA approved technology which allows the meals to remain fresh in the refrigerator for up to two weeks (kept at or below 41 degrees), similar to the "lettuce in a bag" you see in the supermarket.

Do I need to prepare anything to eat Mom's Meals?
No preparation required! All you do is follow the suggested heating times on the label of each meal, warm it in the microwave, and you have a fresh, nutritious meal to enjoy.


How do I order?

  • Call Mom's Meals at 1-866-971-6667 or Order Here
  • Choose the meals you'd like
  • Select a delivery date
  • Set up an automatically scheduled delivery if you would like to

Can I order food for my parents if they live in another state?
Yes! We can set up different billing and shipping addresses and can deliver throughout the continental United States.

Can I leave my credit card on file so my parent or loved one can order their food weekly, with the charges going to my credit card?
Yes! Many family members have meals delivered to a family member or loved one that does not live with them and they have it charged to their credit card. Each week your credit card will be billed for the next week's delivery.

How do I re-order?
You can always re-order online and a menu is included in each shipment that makes re-ordering simple. Just use the menu, call one of Mom’s Meals associates and order only the meals you prefer.

What is the cost?
Less than a fast food meal or pizza delivery and much healthier. We keep it simple. Each meal is just $6.49 – mix or match – choose only what you like. Convenient home delivery is a flat $14.95 for 7, 10, 14, or 21 weekly meals. The cost per meal for 21 meals including convenient home delivery in only $7.20 each: less than fast food or pizza delivery.


When will my order be delivered?
When you place your order over the phone, we’ll let you know when to expect delivery of your fresh meals. When ordering online, you can select a preferred delivery date. Deliveries are primarily made by UPS or FedEx. FedEx will often make non-standard deliveries that are made throughout the week.

Do you ship into Canada and/or Hawaii?
We do not ship to Hawaii, Alaska, or Canada. We deliver to the 48 continental states and the District of Columbia.

Do you use dry ice to ship my food and keep it refrigerated?
No. We have a custom designed insulated refrigerated delivery container that uses refrigerant gel packs. The gel packs are designed to fit our container and insure the food will remain at the appropriate refrigerated temperature while being rushed to you. The number of gel packs within the container will vary throughout the year due to varying outside temperatures.

What should I do with the leftover container?
You can use your container as a cooler during the summer months, at a barbecue or to take to the beach. If you decide to dispose of the refrigerated container please check within your community for any recycling programs they may have.

Can I re-use the ice packs that are delivered with my food?
The ice packs are reusable; just leave them in your freezer for future use. If you allow an ice pack to melt, lay it flat when refreezing. Do not pour contents of ice packs down the drain.

How does Mom’s Meals deliver to an apartment?
If access is available the driver should deliver your package to your door. If you live in an apartment and have an office that accepts deliveries, UPS or FedEx will leave your package with the delivery office. If neither of these options is available at the attempted delivery time the driver will call you at the number that is given on the shipping label. If all else fails they will leave a note and you can pick up your package at the station or they will try again the next delivery day.

Can Mom’s Meals be delivered to an office building?
Yes. UPS or FedEx delivery will deliver to an office as well as a residence. Please let your Mom's Meals Sales Associate know that the delivery address is a place of business.